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KabaFusion prides itself on providing a wide range of infusion therapy services. By employing a multidisciplinary team approach, KabaFusion provides continuity of care for the patients transitioning from the hospital to the comfort of their homes. All pharmacists and nurses are trained in infusion therapy, and there is a pharmacist and a nurse on-call 24 hours a day. Each member of the care team is well equipped to assess, educate and care for our infusion patients.

At KabaFusion, we are focused on one basic principle, we make patient care our highest priority. We’re dedicated to helping each patient and their provider successfully navigate the clinical and administrative complexities often associated with intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) therapy and other specialty pharmacy needs.

KabaFusion was founded by noted experts in the field of IVIG infusion who are known for their professional qualifications and high ethical standards. KabaFusion is the best choice for optimal patient care.

We are a national company and have facilities conveniently placed throughout the country which provide patients with easy access to our products and services.

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About Us

Our Mission:

At KabaFusion and its Affiliates, we are guided by our commitment to positive clinical outcomes and excellence in specialty acute and immunoglobulin infusion, we are dedicated to working proactively with patients, healthcare practitioners and payers to provide comprehensive support before, during and after treatment.