Design + Research Apprentice

February 16, 2022
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Job Description


At Amazon, we believe in the long-term goal. We know that the only way to become truly customer obsessed is by investing in mechanisms and programs that seem a little peculiar. That’s why the Amazon Design team is offering a paid, up to 12 month UX Design and Research Apprentice Program to support candidates with a passion for design and creativity from non-traditional training and academic backgrounds.

This paid program provides the opportunity for those interested in training to become a UX Designer or Researcher, but who may not have the means to do so otherwise. Our apprentice cohorts will help drive our mission of becoming Earth’s most customer-centric company.

Why You Should Apply:

You are a dedicated, highly-engaged individual who can be both creative and analytical.

You are motivated to learn new technical and professional skills.

You have an affinity for creativity or prior design experience that you’d like to translate into UX design and research in technology.

Key job responsibilities

This Department of Labor-Registered Apprenticeship Program provides the opportunity to learn and develop research, design, and leadership skills outside of a traditional four-year program. This immersive, full-time program begins with a mix of instructor-led training (2 hours per day) and curriculum-based training (6 hours per day) for 6 months, led by Amazon designers, researchers, and an educational partner.

You will then be fully embedded for 6 months for on-the-job-training with teams like Alexa, AWS, and Amazon Fashion, to name a few. During the entirety of the program, you will benefit from mentorship sessions, leadership check-ins, and peer guidance while you practice and deliver real customer-impactful designs.

Upon completion, you will have the opportunity to transition into a full time role at Amazon, be certified by the Amazon UX Design and Research Apprentice Program, and own a personal portfolio of customer-facing design and research work for future jobs.

This 12-month program will be conducted in a 100% remote environment. Should you transition to a full-time UX Design or Research position after 12 months, you may be required to be located in the city in which your team is based (Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, Austin, New York City, Minneapolis, Santa Monica, or Palo Alto); a relocation budget will be provided if that is the case.


1 year of work experience in graphic design, creative marketing, web development, logo design, agency production or other design-related fields
1 year of work experience in a research, social sciences or statistics field.
1 year of experience uncovering the needs of users and delivering solutions to address customer needs.


Graduate of a design training academy or boot camp.
Has functional understanding of depth and complexity in technology.
1+ years of experience solving problems for customers or organizations.
1+ years of experience presenting work or ideas to an audience in a business or corporate environment.
Familiarity with the research and/or design process, or an expressed interest in the research and design process.