Senior UX Content Strategist

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Job Description

The opportunity
Do you want to help build simple, accessible and delightful digital
experiences? As part of the UX team— using UX research, design, and systems thinking as a foundation — we will design and create the future
of If you are a strategic problem solver, strong communicator, and can think holistically about all parts of the user experience, we want to meet you.

What you’ll do
You will work closely with other content strategists, designers, publishers,
engineers, and product managers to build the design system used across’s global properties.

Based on user research, testing, and industry standards, we will seek to
understand how different patterns in the system relate to each other and
define clear usage guidelines for them.

Apply concepts of information architecture across our system to ensure
every component communicates what it needs to and helps tell the Adobe

Help build the documentation that makes the system usable and accessible
to designers both within the ecosystem and without.
Advocate for user-focused design and communication, representing the
voice of Adobe users throughout the design process.

Engage directly with users and customers to gain a deeper understanding of
their goals, validate design solutions, conduct quick rounds of usability
testing, incorporating results into your design process.

Work with one of the best teams at Adobe!

What you’ll bring to the team
• Openness, creativity, and problem-solving.
• 5+ years experience as a writer, editor, or content strategist, preferably in a UX field.
• The ability to break down and communicate complex ideas simply and clearly.
• An understanding of UX and design principles.

Values Fit
To us, company values are more than just words on a wall; they best
describe who we are and how we get our work done.

Genuine: We are sincere, honest and reliable.
Exceptional: committed to creating exceptional experiences that delight our
employees and customers.
Innovative: We’re highly creative and always aiming to connect new ideas
with business realities.
Involved: We’re open, and actively engaged with our customers, partners,
employees, and the communities we serve.

How to apply
To be considered for this role, please submit your resume and portfolio. We’d
especially like to see strong systems thinking and insights into your problem-solving process.